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Hi I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls and have the most ownderful husband, we are in the process ofbuilding the Marriott 44 which hasnt been easy, we looked at other homes and found that this was the house which ticked most of the boexes, please feel free to follow our journey and hope that this will help someone else out there

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

PCI adjustment

Hi All
As you are probably aware Nick and I are over this whole buiness of house buiilding - its gotten to the too hard atge - we have had little communication re the state of our house -
on Monday things changed as we  went to see the regional manager as our builder had asked for an extenion of the contract which they are already 12 weeks late on - Mr Regional manager listened to what we had to say and so far we are getting updates daily love how you have to go to the top to get things done, we should have done this ages ago -
we have had the house re rendered as they got it wrng the first time... see the attached pic..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 2011

Its been a long time since we have posted only because it seems that all that we have seen has been so negative. so as we were all taught dont say anything unless you have something positive to say -
we had our PCI 10 days ago and our independant insepction carried out by New Homes - funny how there were so many things they pciked up in terms of contruction which we didnt pick up such as no agi pipes for drainage had been installed and still to today they arent in, so it makes me wonder what they hell has their inspectors picked up and why werent they picked at an earlier stage,
Our home as of Monday is 11 weeks late and we have been told verbally that they are seeking to extend our contract end date by 120 odd days, no way jose' is that happening, the one thing I can say is that all our conversations had been relayed back to our SS and CSA by email - so we have that to go by, tomrrow we are meeting with "management" as it seems that the one thing we keep hearing is that "management" have instrusted us.... so no more hiding behind managements skirts, cause thats who we have asked to see,
since our PCi nothing but nothing has been addressed and as mentioned earlier that was 16 days ago... sort over it and really angry - will let you know what comes out of our meeting tomorrow,

Fingers Crossed!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiles in ensuite

All of the tiles have been laid, and the sinks have been glued onto their cabinets,

the master ensuite looks a little manly - cant understand what I was thinking when we picked this -

[Image]we have caesar stone and its coffee colour, a little too dark for me but i picked it so now i have to live with it, love the sinks - love love love it :)


I just love the stairs, upgraded the stairs to timber and have had them stained mahogany - we also have added 4 lights to light them up which look great when they are turned on -- but we have a crack in the handrail and i dont know when or how they will fix it...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feb 21 2011

The stairs have been stained and i can wait to see it all come together!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feb 2011

Painters have been in and are painting, the stairs are in and have been stained love the house its looks like all the colours we picked in April 2010 have matched up nicely,

Jan 2011

we didnt expect much to happen - there is plaster which is great

Dec 2010

its getting harder and harder to cope with what seems nothing happening in Dec 2010, we call regularly and hope to have some answers... and thats not happening, we have paid lock up stage even though the door isnt there in good faith.....

Nov 2010 Bricks

Completion of brick laying!! except for the garage which we were told would happen later on!

November 2010

Roof tiles up! seems like this was carried out overnight

We were so excited to see the bricks, they were very quick in laying them, got to hand to the team of brickies, they were fantastic! Off white mortor  looks great against the bricks which we upgraded.

Oct 19 2010

whooooooooooo hoooooooooooo
We have a frame, surprising hw quickly the frame goes up - and yes now its looks big! seeing the walls and the rooms is great, and now we can see the views we have!! and still have plenty of back yard which is what we wanted
My daughters are so excited and its great to see its all
Mistake we had was not to have any windows on the east side of the house, we went back to thie display home which is the Marriott 48 and there are windows but we are building the 44 which doesnt have windows, another thing we didnt realise is that there isnt a window in the laundry! which would have been nice but what do you do!

Looing good - see attached pics

Oct 2 2010

slab in poured!!!
After much arguing its taken them a whole day to lay the slab!! its looks smaller than we thought but everyone says that it does, cant imagine how its all going to fit in ... but excitied to have something finally starting since signing up in April 2010!!!

Sept 2010

Thats right there was something wrong but PD had their heads up their ar*es ... my neighbour would not let them underpin their garage, apparently our home was put in the too hard basket and nothing has happened since the 2 June 2010, new plans have been drawn up which we have rejected as they have simply moved the retaining all further into our property which doesnt allow us to have access to the back yard!
So answer is to extend the garage and have a rear garage door, PD want us to pay for it and they can go jump!
New plans drawn up and approved... hopefully they can resetart once again

July 2010

well looks as if there is nothing more that PD have done to the house and we have been told its due to rain and awful weather, hubby and  I are a little sus... have to wait and see

June 2010

Well how exciting today there was a site scrap - which means that there is soil shiifted from one end to another and off site, retaining wall to be built which is on the boundray and all looks exciting!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After much debating, we had fallen in love with the Mariott 44 - Porte Davis and yes we finally signed our contract on Thursday the 1st April 2010. April fools day - is that a sign i should hope not!!!

We hae picked the tiles, which wasnt as bad as i thought with Nadia's help - and thank God for her..
Anjelica and Dominique were wonderful with their insights, love the fact that they are so happy to be involved in picking their home and understanding the selections will be there for a long time
ok - so i am really new at this - decided that we would build a new home, sadly my hubby and i had no real idea how complicated this would be -
we started looking at display homes, Simmonds, Burbank, Henely and Porter Davis, did all the calculations, cause no one realy tells you that site costs are an added extra - that was the first surprise, and odf couse you think that the wonderfully decorated display homes come as is and then realit hits!!! no the flyscreens, remote controls to the garage doors, drive way, clothes line, letter box isnt included!
what should be asked when walking through the display home is what is NOT included!!! and make sure that you have the sales person walk through the house with you

We did our homework and looked at all of the promotions, where some of the and dont get sucked in by pressure - there are always promotions!!!! don feel like you will miss out cause when one ends within a fortnight there will be another