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Hi I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls and have the most ownderful husband, we are in the process ofbuilding the Marriott 44 which hasnt been easy, we looked at other homes and found that this was the house which ticked most of the boexes, please feel free to follow our journey and hope that this will help someone else out there

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 2011

Its been a long time since we have posted only because it seems that all that we have seen has been so negative. so as we were all taught dont say anything unless you have something positive to say -
we had our PCI 10 days ago and our independant insepction carried out by New Homes - funny how there were so many things they pciked up in terms of contruction which we didnt pick up such as no agi pipes for drainage had been installed and still to today they arent in, so it makes me wonder what they hell has their inspectors picked up and why werent they picked at an earlier stage,
Our home as of Monday is 11 weeks late and we have been told verbally that they are seeking to extend our contract end date by 120 odd days, no way jose' is that happening, the one thing I can say is that all our conversations had been relayed back to our SS and CSA by email - so we have that to go by, tomrrow we are meeting with "management" as it seems that the one thing we keep hearing is that "management" have instrusted us.... so no more hiding behind managements skirts, cause thats who we have asked to see,
since our PCi nothing but nothing has been addressed and as mentioned earlier that was 16 days ago... sort over it and really angry - will let you know what comes out of our meeting tomorrow,

Fingers Crossed!!


MelNRob said...

Oh Maryanne! It is so sad to read that you guys have had such a hard time of it and are still not in your lovely home :( and i agree it is easy to get pulled into the negativity of it all.

Rob and i are in two minds about getting an independent inspector, part of me wants to and another part says do we really need one as we are happy from what we can see with the frame (rob and his Dad are pretty cluey on the building side of things as they built Rob's parents home).

Good on you for taking it further! I do pray it all gets resolved really quickly. Keep us updated on how the meeting goes and would love to see updated piccies??? Fingers and toes crossed for you!


Ynot said...

I hove things get resolved quickly and you can enjoy your new home soon.

You should have a rant and share your negatives with others. Building isn't all smiles and people should be made aware of set backs.

Bets of luck with Management.